Kila Goemba

Kila Goemba in Paro stands true to its Sanskrit
translation, ‘the spiritual dagger that subdues all
negativity’ as it stands very calmly on a sheer dizzy
cliff face waiting to eliminate any negative elements
coming its way.

Located below the Chelela Pass and standing at an
altitude of about 3,500m, Kila Goemba is one of the
oldest nunneries in Bhutan dating back to the 9th
century. The seven small temples are surrounded by
several retreat huts that provide the perfect sanctuary to
profound Buddhist practitioners who have chosen to
live in self imposed isolation. The monastery houses
many sacred statues including the ancient statue of
Chenresig (Avalokiteshwara).

The shy and ever smiling nuns skittering around
minding their day to day dharma activities on their
journey of renouncement adds to the sanctity of this
serene monastery, situated one and a half hours drive
from Paro and less than an hour from Haa.