Chendebji Chorten

Situated between Trongsa and Bumthang, the uniquely beautiful Chendebji Chorten is a welcome sight as you near the heart of central Bhutan. Built in the style of Boudhanath Stupa of Nepal, this spectacular stupa is set up perfectly against the lush green surroundings and appears to ceremoniously observe everything in its vicinity.

It was built in the 18th Century by Lama Zhida to suppress the remains of an evil spirit known as Ngyala Dhuem, a renowned Bhutanese folklore figure. Locals still talk of the chill that runs down their spine every time they are near this Chorten, a testimony to the rich culture of storytelling that still exists in Bhutan.

Chendebji Chorten is believed to stand on the meeting point of three ridges with that of the three edges of the sky. It is a popular lunch spot for tourists and locals with a restaurant situated a few meters away.